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How long will my watch take to arrive?

We currently offer FREE shipping Australia wide, and use Australia post standard shipping for our packages. As per their website, you should expect for your purchase to arrive in 3-15 business days, once receiving confirmation that it has been posted. However, as we all know sometimes our post goes astray! Please let us know ASAP if your purchase is taking longer then expected to arrive, and we will look into sorting this straight away.

FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - We strive to post all of our products as quickly as possible. Please be patient with our Australian postage system, it's as laid back as our Aussie nature! 


What if I would like to purchase a large amount of watches? Do you offer discounts?

We are more then happy to specialise orders for our customers, as well as offering a VERY good discount on purchases of over 10 watches or more. So please feel free to get your colleagues together and buy as many watches as you need! For more information on large purchases or wholesale orders, please contact us through the website, or at:


I am purchasing internationally, how do I know the currency conversion?

If you look at the top right corner of our website, you will see a box that says AUD. Please click on this box and it will bring up options for currency conversion for you. This will change all of the prices on our products to your selected currency. 

PLEASE NOTE - On checkout, the Australian price (AUD) will still be displayed. As we are an Aussie website you do have to checkout in our currency. Do not be alarmed, your payment provider will do the conversion for your purchase!


What are the chances my watch could break during postage?

At Nurse Watch Warehouse we strive to deliver great quality products! Unfortunately sometimes they aren't handled as well as they should be during postage. We currently protect our products in padded delivery bags, as well as placing them in a bubble wrap satchel. If there are ANY problems with your watch upon arrival, please message us through the website or at: and we will look into it as soon as we can!


Any tips to make my FOB watch last longer?

Did you know that the best possible way to set your nursing FOB watch to a new time is to do so by making the hands on the clock go anti-clockwise?! I know, bizarre! However, we do recommend this as it reduces the risk of loosening the watch crown (or time setting knobby thingy as we like to call it!) and allows for a longer life for your product :) .


Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have a question or query. We can be contacted on on the website, FB and instagram or at: :)